Finding More Time in Your Day to Do Tasks

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At one time or another, most people would likely find themselves overwhelmed by a long to-do list of household chores and tasks, and often, it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done.

We have all heard the phrase,”time is precious, make the most of it”.Time is also not reversible or renewable, you cannot move back in time or even forward, so what you do with your today and what you do now counts.

To be able to effectively manage your time to complete pending tasks on your to-do list, you need to also master a good work-life balance. Your attitude and perception on work and life balance is what is portrayed in your every day life. If what really matters to you is family and friends then your attitude towards getting the right balance between working long hours and your daily chores will be different.

Here are some useful tips

1. Automate Tasks on your to do list

Having a to-do list is an important component of your action plans and serves as a reminder of pending tasks. These days it’s easy to have a digital/electronic to-do list but having a list doesn’t mean the tasks are done. It is important to prioritise tasks on the list and tackle them in order of priority.

Schedule reminders on important tasks at the time you’re more likely to act on them. If you schedule reminders at busy periods you may not have time to act on the reminder or complete the task. The key is to set reminders when you know you will be free to act appropriately.

You can do this easily using Google task/calender to schedule things like paying bills, house cleaning, walk the dog etc. Another web based solution I am currently trying out is Plancake, which is a GTD-friendly task management tool. Another very popular web-based application is  remember-the-milk which is one of a myriad of options out there

2. Eliminate unnecessary tasks

You need to find ways to free up time for more important tasks. This means eliminating  time-wasters and making time for spending with family, friends or loved ones. Instead of doing the laundry twice a week, you can do it as a bulk task on a set day and time of the week. This frees up time to focus on tasks in life that matter. If you focus on tackling the big tasks, you have taken out big chunk from your to-do list and are a few steps away from GTD.

3. Get Task Helpers

Doing multi-tasks is often stressful and less productive. Rather than focus on several tasks at once do one task at a time. Delegate tasks to friends or family.

For example a trip to the supermarket can be assigned to a friend who will be making the same trip anyway alternatively you can assign tasks easily to a “TaskAngel” via It’s that simple, work out how many hours it takes to do a tasks and compare to your hourly wage and see if the time saved will be a lot better spent doing other important tasks.

Do you have any tips or useful web based tool for freeing up time? Fire up the comments below and let’s hear it.

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Florence is the founder of myTaskAngel an online marketplace where people connect to get everyday tasks done in their local communities. She is enthusiastic about Task and time management and hopes to simplify the service procurement process.

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  1. Adam Vogas says:

    Interesting post!!! I would advice too to automate task. Its also important to use efficient time management system takes away many of your administrative headaches and enables you to concentrate on completing tasks faster

  2. will says:

    mate do you have a twitter?

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