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May 8th, 2012 | by | news, tasks


You have one hand on your purse, a kid in your arm and the house growing dirtier each day. If only you could get someone to sweep in and clean the house whenever life gets a little too overwhelming. Hiring someone on a regular basis is out of the question. Do you ever wish you could employ local helpers to take on tasks when you can’t?

We’ve all been there—the laundry can’t get done at the same time as the bills and office work. Meanwhile, the grass grows tall and the neighbors are wondering when you’ll be trimming up the garden. You don’t know when it will get done or how.

You’d love to ask Tommy down the street to mow the lawn, but 7 years old is too young for that. Anyone you know either works just as fiercely as you or is a small child. Giving work to locals, rather than outsourcing corporate strangers, would be perfect. Local helpers can earn extra cash while you can loosen the hold your busy life has on you.

Finding a personal assistant like this is totally possible with myTaskAngel. It’s simple. Just log in and search the online marketplace for the job you need. You can connect with local helpers to get everyday tasks done or find a temporary personal assistant.

A variety of skills and services of locals provides an online world to find the perfect myTaskAngel match. You can find anything from snow shoveling to designing a website to babysitting.

Personal assistants aren’t just for the rich anymore. myTask Angel opens up countless personal assistant options all while you give local helpers opportunities to work.

Can you think of a job you need but can’t seem to get done? Why wait? Sign up now

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